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Established in 1999, Grace Park Developments Pty Ltd has developed an innovative range of purpose-built equipment which includes the Paddock Cleaner Range of Paddock Vacuums, and paddock sweepers (the TC Pro 1500 and the PC mini 700). These machines have been developed in response to the need to work the land in a more environmentally responsible way and to improve the methods of animal husbandry and animal welfare. In particular, removing manure and debris from paddocks stimulates growth of pastures and increases grazing areas. It increases the health and hygiene of animals by breaking down the reproductive cycle of internal parasites. Importantly, it reduces effluent runoff into the waterways.

The care and improvement of pastures is again behind the development of the innovative Tow’n’Mow range. With variable cutting heights (40mmto 250mm) pasture can be mowed or topped to stimulate re-growth. Years of research, development and testing behind these products ensure the customer receive the very best quality machines, GUARANTEED, with components engineered and made in New Zealand and the UK , in association with Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment.

Grace Park Developments Pty Ltd is based in Mansfield, Victoria and distributes Australia wide and New Zealand. If you’re purchasing from New Zealand, check out CompareMy FX to find a broker with a good AUD/NZD rate.

Cleaner pastures… Healthier livestock

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