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The TC Pro 1500 has been primarily designed as a horse manure collector but its uses have been widespread from golf courses to alpaca farms. Manure and debris are thoroughly cleaned up, thatch removed and the paddocks groomed by an effective system of height adjustable spring steel tines at the front of the machine followed by 4 rows of rotating brushes. Waste is collected in the large plastic catcher which is easily emptied.


Self powered by Kohler Commander Pro CH270 Motor. 7HP 4 Stoke Electric Key Start. 3 Year Commercial Warranty.
Easy to empty catcher with a gas strut to assist.
Adjustable brushes and tine height.
Tines not only loosen up tough manure but also lightly scarify the top soil removing thatch and debris from the ground cover to promote grass growth.
Specially designed nylon brushes effortlessly sweep grass, leaves & light weight rubbish into the large plastic catcher making cleaning-up a breeze.
Large pneumatic tyres reduce ground loading and compaction.
Manufactured from high quality mild steel plate and powder coated for long lasting protection.
The tyres are fitted on high-quality pressed steel rims with ball bearing races for durability.
The TC Pro 1500 is designed to be towed by ATV’s or any other similar stable vehicle. (Can be towed at up to 12km/hr on flat terrain). A half acre paddock can be completely covered in approximately 7 minutes.


  • Easy to use TC Pro 1500 will reduce your labour costs.
  • TC Pro 1500 also picks up leaves and other lightweight rubbish which makes it ideal for parks and reserves and sports venue clean-ups.
  • Paddock cleaning is fast and efficient as it has a 1.5metre pick up width wit every pass.
  • Cleans up horse droppings, removes thatch and grooms pastures.
  • Improves pasture utilization as horses will eat 40% more feed in a clean paddock.
  • Manure collection breaks the reproductive cycle of some internal parasites leading to improved animal health and less need to drench.
  • With the specially designed adjustable tow bar, the TC Pro 1500 can be towed behind any type of small vehicle.
  • Specifications 

    -Catcher Volume 610 litres
    -Collection Width 1450mm
    -Overall Width 2210mm
    -Overall Height 2220mm (including Tow Bar)
    -Weight 276kg
    -Engine Options Kohler Commander Pro CH270 Motor.
    -All motors have centrifugal clutch 2:1 reduction
    -Brushes Adjustable height (Nylon), Replaceable
    -Tines Adjustable height (Spring Steel), Replaceable

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